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  • The webpage that I made looks perfect, why can’t I see the picture after uploading?
    Picture that insert when the webpage of making should adopt relative route the mark comes. If you use the absolute route carelessly, for instance: c: /images/a. jpg can appear in here having a look around normal and phenomenon that find after uploading. In addition if picture that appoint upload or file name can present the above question too when according with.

  • I do the counter with FrontPage, why does not show?
    Counter function that FrontPage offer use special technology, it requires WEB server must support FrontPage expanded function can be used normally. Such senior functions we offer in standard websites only, please check your website type. In fact, most counters are not all by FrontPage on Internet at present Make, but the one that make use of CGI procedure to realize.

  • What is DreamWeaver?
    DreamWeaver one cool webpage design software very, it include visual editor, HTML code software package of editor, And support ActiveX, JavaScript, Java, Flash, ShockWave characteristic, and it still can through tow and drag from the beginning to the end making dynamic HTML cartoon, Support the design of dynamic HTML (Dynamic HTML), Make page plug-in can show the cartoon of the page correctly among Netscape and IE 4.0 browser too. It offered the function of upgrading the page information automatically at the same time.

    DreamWeaver has also adopted Roundtrip HTML technology. This technology makes the webpage carry on freedom to change between DreamWeaver and HTML code editing machine, HTML sentence structure and structure do not change. In this way, the professional designer can be while changing the original editor to get used to, Fully enjoy the benefit that a visual editor brings. DreamWeaver and vitality it open to design, the design make no one may expand its function easily. Download website www.macromedia.com.

  • What is a range upon range of designs form (CSS)?
    It whether W3C one that organization sanction assist new characteristic that HTML design, it can keep whole unified appearance of HTML. Can be appointed the attribute of the whole text before setting up the text by the designer, Such as size of color, scripted... Range upon range of design form brings heavy flexibility very for designing web pages. IE and Netscape browser support range upon range of design form at present, many HTML design tool support range upon range of design form too at present, FrontPage98 such as Microsoft. If find out about the grammar of CSS, can visit website http://w3c.org/style/.

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